“Port RUA” Collection

Port RUA is our own clothing collection that starts with the design of T-shirts. Our collection emanates a short but comprehensive message: It proudly wears Romania. This message will also be found on one of the t-shirts in the collection. 

The name of our collection is an exhortation to dress with clothing items that remind you of the feeling of home, of beautiful and authentic Romania but also of the unity of Romanians everywhere, a fact also indicated by the RUA brand. "Port" is the most authentic Romanian word for the name of hanni / clothing. 

We want Romanians from all over the world to keep the connection with what Romania means, with the elements that define us as a country, and at the same time to have the courage to wear a clothing item that represents them and makes them feel at home.

Users of our platform can purchase both simple models with the RUA brand and the products we are going to develop. The "hipster" t-shirts are totally surprising through the creative component, as is the brand itself. United Romanians Home - because home is not a place, home is a feeling!

"Practically, with each T-shirt, we wanted to capture a certain feature or characteristic of the Romanian people. As is the case with the T-shirt: "Romanians bring :)

  to everyone". We consider that this positive component is defining for Romanians and at the same time, successfully transmitted to people of other nationalities, once they settle in the new communities in the diaspora. ” - Cezar Sigmirean, RUA Brand Manager

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