Exceptional wines from the Sylvanian Hills

Silvania Vineyard

The Silvaniei Hills Region - Măgura Șimleului, Sălaj County - houses the story of a wine with a tradition since 1820 - the winery of Silvania Vineyard, one of the most northern Romanian vineyards. 

Since 1974, real champagne has been produced here using a traditional French method. The Champenoise certified method, with glass fermentation, is related to the types of wine that are produced. All these sparkling wines differ from still wines because, after a first fermentation, they also had a second fermentation. The most precious ornament of the place is the unique microclimate in Romania, which ensures a natural fermentation carried out over a period of 2-3 years. The wine remains to mature slowly with the help of specially selected yeasts, during which time the positions of the bottles go through a series of inclinations and settlements at different angles.

Archaeological excavations have been made in this area which has revealed treasures of Dacian coins and ornaments never found in the country. The galleries of the winery are unique, located 60 meters under the rock, stretching along 3.5 km, where sparkling wine is still produced today.

PSilvania Vineyard has entered a process of changing its brand, and the first amazing labels belong to the ranges Pinot Noir Red Dry Oak, Pinot Noir Dry Red, Pinot Noir Dry Rose, Muscat Dry Ottonel, Sparkling Premium Rose Semi-Dry or Sparkling Premium Lux Rose Brut. 

The Silvania wine area has a long tradition of vineyards and wine, with a soil suitable for grapes and implicitly the production of wine. Here there are wineries such as FortSilvan, Carastelec or Ratesti that produce traditional wines and sparkling wines.

Buy Sylvania products from RUA Store, and if you choose a sparkling product this summer, you will gain a day's experience in the vineyards and underground winery from Șimleul Silvaniei. 

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