A summer like no other, with the new Ford Puma

How about planning a well-deserved vacation? This summer. With family or best friends. A perfect time to inaugurate your new car. A Ford Puma! Metallic blue or maybe bright red. Or, why not, the ST model, in green. 

I described to you an idyllic scenario, in the company of one of the most popular and purchased cars on the market: the new Ford Puma. Produced in Romania, in Craiova, the Puma model was announced for the first time at the event in Amsterdam, in 2019, "Go Further", together with the new generation of Kuga SUV models. Ford Puma is based on the chassis version of the sixth generation of Fiesta, a revolutionary and innovative model transformed into an SUV, as dynamic as it looks. It simply catches you!

The two models are part of the new strategy of the parent company. To orient towards the new trend, adopted by the big car manufacturers: hybrid, electrified cars. And Ford's goal is a bold one, in line with the design implemented on the new models: zero-emission engines, fully electric or plug-in, until 2024. And the top of the range seems to be the Ford Mustang Mach E, with an autonomy of 610 km; Ford's first all-electric SUV. The company's strategy also focuses on optimizing the driving experience, to provide a cleaner, quieter and more refined driving approach for each of its models. 

The Ford Puma may be your first interaction with the Ford ecosystem. With a bold design, a sophisticated hybrid engine, the new Ford Puma is designed to help you take advantage of today's modern life with advanced technology that makes driving a pleasure. Leader in its segment in trunk capacity, Puma has the innovative Mega Box that provides extra space of up to 80 liters. And you can choose its usefulness yourself: maybe a few soft drinks, kept cold, when you choose to take a break from driving, to the established destination. And take our word for it, in the Mega Box you will be able to store a "refreshing surprise" for each family member or friend who will accompany you on the trip.

The new Ford Puma is sensational. Modern design, comfortable interior, a high-performance audio system. A model that allows you to drive it the way you want it: consumer-oriented, urban or extra-urban, or, on the contrary, sporty style.

He convinced us, becoming the car of the RUA brand. Maybe we've already met in traffic. A cheerful and very direct car with you: “Do you like me? Order me from rua.store. ” That's what the message on the back of the car sounds like. And we think you have every reason: this summer, if you choose to order the Puma model, through the RUA marketplace you have awesome benefits. Exactly! The model comes at a special price, starting with 15,900 EUR, a price in which you receive a unique bonus: the car comes with a full range, but also with a trunk with 100% Romanian products, from the RUA marketplace. An EXTRA BONUS, to convince you to go on holiday: you will receive a 30% FREE voucher, which you can benefit from for any of the tourist packages listed on RUA Travel. 

Tell us if it's not "the best deal on the market". Access the complete offer on the rua.store/52-auto page or write to us about your interest in the Puma model on store@rua.ro

Have a delicious holiday!

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