How to order


Find the product (s) you want and add it/them to your cart

•You can search for a product either through the special search field or by navigating through the main product menu.


Check your order

•The shopping list is automatically updated with each product addition;

•Check the Shopping Cart when you have finished adding the desired products;

•Change the quantity of products ordered - you can add or drop one or all of the selected products


Complete the order

•Select: billing details, payment method and delivery method.


To place your order, it is necessary to create an account on the RUA Store platform. If you are a new customer, fill in the data on the My Account page and click the Save button. If you are already a customer, enter your credentials (name and password) on the My Account page and click the Login button.

After each order placed, the address for your delivery is saved so it can be used again in the future

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